venerdì 18 dicembre 2009

An italian story

Today I received this e-mail from Ms. Adriana Branchini, head of the Contracts & Royalties of CAROSELLO label:

The records belong to the Jazz from Italy series, and reproduced on your websites, are owned by CAROSELLO, and they are for the duration of copyright protection, now stands at 50 years from the date of registration. These recordings, remastered, are now available, for a fee, through iTunes, and some are re-proposed on vinyl, as you noted;
the titles available in vinyl
(only two LP's have been reissued to date, obviously not published in this blog NdA), however, are destined to increase (when? N.d.A.), and we plan to reprint in CD, probably ( probably ? N.d.A.), the complete series.

I note also that the marks JAZZ FROM ITALY and CAROSELLO are trademarks owned, and you don't have right to use them in the sites or in e-mail addresses (Jazz from Italy means Jazz dall'Italia in English, is not a brand... N.d.A.) I would therefore inhibit immediate download from this site of our records, and also to break off the use of our trademarks, specifying that you do not act in the name of these brands, but independently.

Is obvious that I remove the share from the blog, this the law says - or almost - , and I can't do anything else (although I'm not sure that we can listen to these recordings in a short time), but it's curious to note how the owners of "so called" rights, leave the tapes of these recordings locked, for nearly three decades, in a dark drawer, and then, one day, they realize that someone uses them for cultural purposes and not for commercial use, causing also a considerable interest and, surprise, here is awakening in them the spirit of the defenders of art and artists.

An italian story...

giovedì 17 dicembre 2009

CAROSELLO Jazz from Italy


The Jazz from Italy series is a subsidiary of CAROSELLO RECORDS, one of the historical labels of italian music, founded on 1974 under the artistic direction of Lino Patruno and Giancarlo Pillot.
In this preview post, you are the story and the specifications of this label.

At this link, you are the complete discographie list of CAROSELLO Jazz from Italy.

domenica 13 dicembre 2009

Teddy Wilson Trio - Live at Santa Tecla - CLE 21032

Perhaps, I should remind you how he started with Benny Carter, then with Louis Armstrong, Mezz Mezzrow, Benny Goodman and Red Norvo, to talk about Teddy Wilson, or enough to tell of his famous collaboration with Lady Day?
Needless to mention his nearly two hundred recordings made before the 1945, including those for the Brunswick, to put him, at full merit, among the masters of swing?

I think just listening to this LP.

Sharing removed by the author for inhibition of
the office of Contracts & Royalties CAROUSEL C.E.M.E.D. S.r.l.


Catalog#: CLE 21032
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Milan, 9 April, 1976

Teddy Wilson (p), Lino Patruno (bass), Carlo Sola (drums)


Side A

A1) After You've Gone - 3'55"
A2) Ellington Medley - 4'30"
a) Sophisticated Lady
b) Don't Get Around Much Anymore
A3) Flying Home - 5'05"
A4) Gershwin Medley from "Porgy and Bess" - 4'30"
a) It Ain't Necessarily So
b) Bess, You Is My Woman Now
c) Summertime

Side B

B1) Stompin' At The Savoy - 4'50"
B2) Ellington Medley - 5'32"
a) Prelude To A Kiss
b) Take The "A" Train
B3) I Can't Get Started - 3'50"
B4) One O' Clock Jump - 5'47"

sabato 5 dicembre 2009

Jimmy McPartland, Dick Cary, Lino Patruno & the Milan College Jazz Society - CLE 21029

Sharing removed by the author for inhibition of the
office of Contracts & Royalties CAROUSEL C.E.M.E.D. S.r.l.


Catalog#: CLE 21029
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Milan, 18 October, 1975

Jimmy McPartland (cornet in #A1, A2, A3 / B1, B3, B4; vocal in #A1 / B1, B4), Dick Cary (alto horn, F tp in #B4, piano in #A1), Lino Patruno (g), Giorgio Alberti (tp in #A2, A3, A4 / B3, B5; flgh in #B2), Gianni Acocella (trne), Bruno Longhi (cl, soprano sax in #A3), Carlo Bagnoli (bar sax, soprano sax in #A3), Paolo Tomelleri (tenor sax), Renato Barzago (p), Marco Ratti (bass), Ettore Remi (drums)


Side A

A1) Davenport Blues - 3'42"
A2) Original Dixieland One Step - 4'30"
A3) Singin' The Blues - 3'38"
A4) Riverboat Shuffle - 5'20"

Side B

B1) Caprice In Milan For Giuseppe (Joe) Venuti - 4'05"
B2) New Orleans - 2'40"
B3) Nobody Sweethearts - 2'57"
B4) I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby ! - 3'59"
B5) Beale Street Blues - 3'30"

lunedì 30 novembre 2009

Guido Manusardi 4et - Givin's Livin' - CLE 21028

Sharing removed by the author for inhibition of the
office of Contracts & Royalties CAROUSEL C.E.M.E.D. S.r.l.


Catalog#: CLE 21028
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at “Golden Hat”,
Stockholm, spring 1974

Guido Manusardi (p),
Red Mitchell (bass), Lennart Åberg (ten sax, sop sax), Petur Ostland (drums)


Side A

A1) Stella By Starlight - 13'44"
A2) Country Dance - 12'50"

Side B

B1) Canyon - 18'00"

giovedì 26 novembre 2009

Mario Rusca Quartet - Suspension - CLE 21024 and three more...

In this post I published four volumes of CAROSELLO label, although for only one I can let you listen to music.

Let me explain:
the record of Mario Rusca, which gives the title to this post, and the next volume, the CLE 21025, Latineuro, release at name of Angel Pocho Gatti, are not in my collection, but at least they are in my wishlist.
The two subsequent volumes, the CLE 21026 and 21027, however, are a "mystery".
Also among the most "aggressive" Italian collectors, such as Lorenzo of Amarcord Records, these two chapters are missing, two pages torn out of the discography, two blacks holes of this Italian label.

I, among my various contacts, I've become aware of a single title of this, thanks to Felix, a Brazilian collector, who also sent me the cover.
According to Felix, in fact, the CLE 21027 is Zimbo, by ZIMBO TRIO, an album of latin jazz from Brasil, licensed by RGE/FERMATA and printed in Italy, on 1976, by CAROSELLO.
The CLE 21026 is, as yet, an unknown record, at least for me.

If any of you could confirm these data, or had some other news, he must know that would help a poor addicted collector of jazz.

However, you are quiet, that even if I don't have any of the four LPs, the Web is still a fat cow, for those who can cook, and I'll not leave you too long without good stuff ...

so thanks to ish, which gives us the delicious music of Mario Rusca directly from is amazing blog Ile Oxumaré

at the next...

martedì 17 novembre 2009

Gigi Cichellero Big Band - Lonely Street - CLE 21023

The name of Gigi Cichellero, is probably not well known to lovers of Jazz, because he is better known as a RAI Orchestra conductor, author of music for "light" singers, as Johnny Dorelli or Tony Dallara, and director of television programs like "Canzonissima" or "Tempo di Musica", but his natural sense of swing is undeniable.

Many of the participants in this recording, however, do not need any introduction, and I'm referring to names like Dusko Goykovich, Sergio Fanni, Attilio Donadio, Ettore Righello, Pasquale Liguori and more.

Once curiosity, and concerns Gianluigi Trovesi, another participant in this session: this is the first album that he recorded.

Last but not least, a disc of jazz for big band, in Italy, is still a rarity.

Sharing removed by the author for inhibition of the
office of Contracts & Royalties CAROUSEL C.E.M.E.D. S.r.l.


Catalog#: CLE 21023
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at “Mondial Sound Studio”,
Milan, April 8 and 9 1974

Emilio Soana, Angelo Faglia, Umberto Moretti, Sergio Fanni (tp), Dusko Goykovich (tp, flgh), Nicola Castriotta, Giancarlo Romani, Palmiro Mautino (trne), Beppe Bergamasco (bass trne), Attilio Donadio, Gianluigi Trovesi (alto sax), Leandro Prete, Giorgio Baiocco (ten sax, fl), Stelio Licudi (ten sax, bar sax), Athos Poletti (bar sax), Ettore Righello (p), Filippo Daccò, Piero Gosio (g), Carlo Milano (bass), Pasquale Liguori (drums, perc), Luigi Cichellero (conductor).


Side A

A1) A Lot Of Living To Do - 3'43"
A2) I Remember Clifford - 4'48"
A3) The Plunger - 3'30"
A4) Lonely Street - 4'43"
A5) Psychedelic Sally - 4'17"

Side B

B1) Vicino A Te - 4'16"
B2) Polvere di Stelle - 3'52"
B3) Modestamente Parlando - 4'24"
B4) Nel Giardino di Bem - 4'08"
B5) Ancora Blues - 4'05"

martedì 10 novembre 2009

Henghel Gualdi - NOW - CLE 21022

Henghel Gualdi was born in S Martino in Rio (Reggio Emilia) in July 1924.
Musically active since 1948, he was one of the few clarinetists of Italian jazz, with Glauco Masetti and Aurelio Ciarallo, the only two that can be remembered more than him, at least until the Seventies, when it appears Gianluigi Trovesi and, subsequently, Eugenio Colombo.

For many fans, Gualdi is "only" a light musician, nevertheless his historic meeting with jazz musicians such as William Righi, Roberto Nicolosi, Giampiero Boneschi, Romano Mussolini and Gil Cuppini, just to name a few.
Also, I would remember that he has given memorable concerts with iternational stras as Sidney Bechet, Bill Coleman, Albert Nicholas, Jean-Luc Ponty, Stephane Grappelli, Teddy Wilson, Lionel Hampton and Louis Armstrong.

If this were not enough, then you must listen to this record, to understand who is really Henghel Gualdi, who was born in the USA would be appointed "King of Swing" while, he was born in Italy, unfortunately, was almost forgotten ...

Sharing removed by the author for inhibition of the
office of Contracts & Royalties CAROUSEL C.E.M.E.D. S.r.l.


Catalog#: CLE 21022
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at “Cap Studio”,
Milan on 1976

Henghel Gualdi (cl, ten sax),
Emilio Soana (tp), Otello Cervi (trne),
Giorgio Baiocco (bar sax on #A3, B1),
Sergio Rigon (bar sax on #A1, A2, B2),
Mauro Malavasi (flgh), Ettore Righello (p on #A1, A2, A3, B1, B2),
Mario Rusca (p on #A4, B3, B4), Annibale Modoni (vib),
Carlo Milano (bass), Giancarlo Pillot (drums), Ettore Ballotta (arr).


Side A

A1) Sweet Georgia Brown - 3'28"
A2) Body and Soul - 6'35"
A3) Just One of Those Things - 3'07"
A4) Sob - 4'00"

Side B

B1) There's A Small Hotel - 2'40"
B2) Stella By Starlight - 3'45"
B3) Laura - 7'20"
B4) Homage - 3'56"

giovedì 5 novembre 2009

Eraldo Volonté Quartet - SAFARI - CLE 21021

Should be unnecessary to mention Eraldo Volonté, given its continued and constant presence on the development of Italian jazz, but unfortunately it's not so, since he is still "unknown" to most of you.

Eraldo Volonté is a veteran of italian jazz: he is one of those characters that are always seen wherever there is good jazz to play or listen to.
With a difference from many pioneers, however, Volonté has never lost even a shred of his enthusiasm, even if he has been playing professionally for more than a quarter of a century and like almost all of is colleagues, in Italy, has had to adapt and be part of an infinite number of bands playing all types of music.
His enthusiasm has kept him young, alive, very alert towards all that happens around him, and it has allowed him to continuously perfect himself, and to refresh his own stile : so much so that today this Milanese saxophone player can easily boast to still be one of the top musicians - that is one of the most modern, and most up to date - of italian jazz.

Among his important records, milestones in the maturity of the Italian jazz, I like to remember, in addition to this "My Point of View" (1963) with Renato Sellani, Giorgio Azzolini e Lionello Bionda, "Jazz [now] in Italy" (1966) with Dino Piana, Franco D'Andrea, Giovanni Tommaso and Franco Tonani and the best "Free and Loose" (1968) with Oscar Valdambrini, still Piana and Azzolini, and Franco Manzecchi.

Sharing removed by the author for inhibition of the
office of Contracts & Royalties CAROUSEL C.E.M.E.D. S.r.l.


Catalog#: CLE 21021
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Recorded at Cap Studio, Milan on 1975

Eraldo Volonté (ten sax, soprano sax)
Guido Manusardi (p., p. fender), Dodo Goya (bass on # A1/A2/B1),
Stefano Cerri (el. bass on #B1/B2), Giancarlo Pillot (drums),
Roberto Haliffi (perc), Mara Moris (voice on #A2).
Sax was overlapped five times by E. Volonté on #A2)


Side A

A1) Shout - 14'52"
A2) Safari (dedicated to Duke Ellington) - 5'25"

Side B

B1) African Fever - 12'32"
B2) Spontaneus - 9'20"

mercoledì 28 ottobre 2009

Giorgio Azzolini - The Scicluna Street - CLE 21020

Giorgio Azzolini is known to have been part of the historic Basso & Valdambrini Quintet, who have brought the validity of the Italian jazz in the world.
Actually, you could "simply" define the bassist of all modern Italian jazz, for his constant presence and unusual musical vitality.
Giorgio Azzolini has gone through, in different configurations, from trio to big band, the whole history of jazz played in this country.

Between the historical musicians, he is one of the ones that best will be renewed, and has participated to grow Italian jazz, and carry him, finally, away from the emulation of American jazz.

Among his most important recordings I like to remember, apart this, "Tribute to Someone," with Franco Ambrosetti, Gato Barbieri and Dino Piana among others, "Crucial Moment" with Enrico Rava and Franco D'Andrea and "Giorgio Azzolini Big Band", recorded in 1971 for the DIRE Records.

Sharing removed by the author for inhibition of the
office of Contracts & Royalties CAROUSEL C.E.M.E.D. S.r.l.


The Scicluna Street

Catalog#: CLE 21020
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at "Studio 7",
Milan on 1976

Giorgio Azzolini (bass),
Giancarlo Barigozzi (ten sax, soprano sax), Sergio Fanni (flgh),
Tullio De Piscopo (drums, perc), Sante Palumbo (p., el. p),
Franco D'Andrea (p on #A1, B1), Giancarlo Pillot (drums on #A2)


Side A

A1) The Scicluna Street - 5'15"
A2) Colori - 5'50"
A3) Bankok - 5'46"

Side B

B1) Spanish Portrait - 8'33"
B2) Blues Deflection - 10'15"

sabato 24 ottobre 2009

Guido Manusardi - Blue & New Things - CLE 21018

This first LP, recorded in 1975 by Guido Manusardi in piano solo, documents the great matrix of this jazz piano player and the particular choices of inspiration sources.

Despite that, for the incoherence that characterizes my country, Manusardi went on major international stages, where he received unanimous consent, before he could show his immense value and, at the same time, the limits of the public and the critics of Italian jazz.

Today, something has changed?


Born on December 3, 1935 in Chiavenna.
In his very early days Guido moves to Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Denmark and, finally, ends up in Sweden where he lives for 5 years. It is in Stockholm that Guido meets the great Red Mitchell, with whom he will establish a deep friendship and musical collaboration.

In 1967 Guido moves to Bucharest and finally comes back to Italy after 7 years. His live album "Live recorded at the Lubiana Jazz Festival", wins the annual Italian "Premio della Critica Discografica". In 1977 his solo album 'Delirium' wins once again the same prize and Guido is recognized "Musician of the Year' and in October of the same year he is invited with his quartet al the Jamboree Jazz Festival In Varsavia.In July 1978 he his invited at the Montreux Jazz Festival: Guido is the first Italian Jazzman who participates at the festival.

Guido has performed and recorded with many jazz artists: Roy Eldridge, Bobby Hackett, Art Farmer, Don Byas, Dexter Gordon, Al Heath, Slide Hampton, Johnny Griffin, Red Mitchell, Lee Konitz, Jimmy Cobb, Jerry Bergonzi, Victor Lewis, Billy Higgins, Cecil Payne, Shelly Manne, Booker Ervin, Joe Venuti, Curtis Fuller, Kay Winding, Jimmy Owens, Lou Donaldson, Joe Morello, Art Taylor, Hal Singer, Sture Nordin, Bjorne Alke, Lennart Aborg, Petur Ostlund Island, Zbigniew Namyslowsky, Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen.

In July 2000 Guido was invited, from the Art Director of MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), in Los Angeles to have a performance at the Museum with Billy Higgins and Trevor Ware and during his permanence in L.A. he played with Billy even at World Stage - Hot Spot and here he recorded a CD - Live at the Hot Spot.

Guido Manusardi is one of the few Italians lo be included by Leonard Feather in his "Jazz Encyclopedia".

Sharing removed by the author for inhibition of the
office of Contracts & Royalties CAROUSEL C.E.M.E.D. S.r.l.


Bleu & New Things
Catalog#: CLE 21018
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Milan: 1975, May and June

Guido Manusardi (p)


Side A

A1) Song of the Cymbals – 4’22”
A2) Song for Valy – 3’19”
A3) Like Monk – 3’10”
A4) God Bless the Child – 5’07”
A5) About Something – 4’13”

Side B

B1) Capite de Fîn – 3’50”
B2) Prelude to a Kiss – 4’13”
B3) Joegi – 3’00”
B4) ‘Round About Midnight – 4’08”
B5) Country Dance – 5’00”

lunedì 19 ottobre 2009

Gianni Basso - HIT - CLE 21016

Gianni Basso can be unequivocally regarded as one of the most significant historical figures of Italian jazz.

His music shows how to play in the tradition, without ignoring the force of the evolution of jazz, and without rejecting the most advanced experiences free, as evidenced by the music of this LP, recorded at Milan on June 1975.

Listen "Bloom" and "LA VALLE DELL’AMORE," the two tracks of Bruno Tommaso present in both LPs, or "HECTOR’S HOUSE", a Ian Carr theme so loved him, and then tell me if this giant of jazz hasn’t reinvented everything, from avant-garde to the mainstream.

Another example of his great music is documented on "JAZZ A CONFRONTO 3", recorded in Rome two years before, available now at HORO Records blog.

Born in Asti in '31, his professional activity began in Belgium in 1946, with the militancy within the Raoul Falsan Big Band, where he distinguished as clarinetist and tenor sax.

At the same time as playing with different musicians in Europe and U.S., especially in Germany and Austria.In '50 Basso leaves the Falsan Orchestra and returns in Italy, where he founded along with Oscar Valdambrini, the prestigious "Basso-Valdambrini Quintet", a very special combo, leader of italian jazz for many years .

Mr GB with Oscar Valdambrini and Giorgio Azzolini
During his long and varied career, Gianni Basso has collaborated with extraordinary artists, the most representative of the jazz of all time, from Billie Holiday to Lionel Hampton, Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, Lee Konitz, Joe Venuti, Art Farmer, Johnny Griffin, Zoot Sims, Buddy Colette, beyond to having an intense record activity, both as leader and as a sideman.
Of particular importance is the militancy located in some of the most prestigious international orchestras: as the big bands of Maynard Ferguson, Kenny Clarke / Boland Francis, Thad Jones, Lalo Schifrin and more.
In the late '70s he founded the band Saxes Machine and subsequently fronted the Gianni Basso Big Band.

In his later years, he played with some of the rising stars of jazz, as Fabrizio Bosso and Andrea Pozza, recording his unique music for Philology, by Paolo Piangiarelli.

Sharing removed by the author for inhibition of the
office of Contracts & Royalties CAROUSEL C.E.M.E.D. S.r.l.


Catalog#: CLE 21016
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Recorded: 1975, June 7th

Gianni Basso (tenor sax),
Renato Sellani (p), Dodo Goya (bass),
Tullio De Piscopo (drums), Giancarlo Pillot (drums added in #B4)


Side A

A1) La Valle Dell’Amore – 7’19”
A2) Easy Living – 5’03”
A3) Hector’s House – 7’53”

Side B

B1) Secret Love – 4’21”
B2) Hit – 5’34”
B3) My One and Only Love – 4’13”
B4) Bloom – 5’59”

giovedì 15 ottobre 2009

Bud Freeman, Lino Patruno & Milan College Jazz Society - CLE 21015

This first recording of the CAROSELLO Jazz from Italy, explains better than many words the values of this label.

This is the encounter between Lawrence “Bud” Freeman, one of the most important jazz tenor saxophonists of the Big Band era, that with own sound has influenced, and created, the Chicago Style of Jazz, and the Milan College Jazz Society, one of more famous italian band of traditional jazz.

In two tracks, there is another special guest, Wingy Manone, a New Orleans trumpeter, vocalist and composer.

Is only the first one of a long and beautiful series.

Sharing removed by the author for inhibition of the
office of Contracts & Royalties CAROUSEL C.E.M.E.D. S.r.l.


Milan May 24th

Catalog#: CLE 21015
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Released: 1975

Bud Freeman (ten sax), Wingy Manone (tp, v),
Lino Patruno (g), Guido Manusardi, Renato Barzago (p),
Giorgio Alberti, Franco Tolomei (tp), Gianni Acocella (trne),
Bruno Longhi (cl), Paolo Tomelleri (ten sax), Carlo Bagnoli (bar sax),
Marco Ratti, Giancarlo Cinti (bass), Giancarlo Pillot, Ettore Remi (drums)


Side A

A1) Exactly Like You – 4’00”
A2) Just One of Those Things – 5’12”
A3) Sugar (That Sugar Baby O’Mine) – 4’20”
A4) Sweet Georgia Brown – 5’08”
A5) Jive at Five – 3’12”

Side B

B1) When You Are Smiling – 3’54”
B2) Early Morning Blues – 4’03”
B3) Wolverine Blues – 4’43”
B4) That’s a Plenty – 5’16”
B5) Tin Roof Blues – 5’01”

Freeman, Manusardi, Patruno, Ratti, Pillot
Freeman, Alberti, Acocella, Longhi, Bagnoli, Barzago, Patruno, Ratti, Pillot
Freeman, Tolomei, Alberti, Acocella, Longhi, Tomelleri, Bagnoli, Barzago, Patruno, Ratti, Pillot
Freeman, Tolomei, Alberti, Acocella, Longhi, Tomelleri, Bagnoli, Manusardi, Patruno, Ratti, Pillot
Manone, Acocella, Longhi, Tomelleri, Bagnoli, Barzago, Patruno, Cinti, Remi