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CAROSELLO - Jazz from Italy

Eddie Miller, Lino Patruno and the Milan College Jazz Society Live at Capolinea
The Jazz from Italy series, is a subsidiary label of CAROSELLO RECORDS, one of the historical labels of italian music.

This series, founded on 1974 under the artistic direction of Lino Patruno and Giancarlo Pillot, is created to recorder some encounter between the great american’s master of traditional jazz and the italian lovers of jazz revival, as document the records of Bud Freeman, Jimmy Mc Partland, Billy Butterfield or Eddie Miller with the Milan College Jazz Society.

This was the first idea of this series, but not the only one, because the Jazz from Italy produced also rare pearls of the italian jazz landscape, as the records of Gianni Basso, Sergio Fanni, Giorgio Azzolini, Eraldo Volonté, Guido Manusardi, Renato Sellani, Romano Mussolini and other great master or some between the first recordings by the young lions as Franco D’Andrea, Claudio Fasoli, Nino De Rose, Luigi Bonafede, Antonello Salis.

Also Umberto Cesàri recorded for this label, one of the greatest italian jazz piano players, forgotten too much hurry.

Detailed info:

1) CAROSELLO Jazz from Italy series (21000 series)
36 records, released from 1975 to 1981
catalog# from CLE 21015 to CLE 21051
recorded in Milan from 1974 to 1981 (except few date)
All records are a single sleeves cover, with same artwork, but different colours.
All the labels are blue with grey lettering.

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