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Bud Freeman, Lino Patruno & Milan College Jazz Society - CLE 21015

This first recording of the CAROSELLO Jazz from Italy, explains better than many words the values of this label.

This is the encounter between Lawrence “Bud” Freeman, one of the most important jazz tenor saxophonists of the Big Band era, that with own sound has influenced, and created, the Chicago Style of Jazz, and the Milan College Jazz Society, one of more famous italian band of traditional jazz.

In two tracks, there is another special guest, Wingy Manone, a New Orleans trumpeter, vocalist and composer.

Is only the first one of a long and beautiful series.

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Milan May 24th

Catalog#: CLE 21015
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Released: 1975

Bud Freeman (ten sax), Wingy Manone (tp, v),
Lino Patruno (g), Guido Manusardi, Renato Barzago (p),
Giorgio Alberti, Franco Tolomei (tp), Gianni Acocella (trne),
Bruno Longhi (cl), Paolo Tomelleri (ten sax), Carlo Bagnoli (bar sax),
Marco Ratti, Giancarlo Cinti (bass), Giancarlo Pillot, Ettore Remi (drums)


Side A

A1) Exactly Like You – 4’00”
A2) Just One of Those Things – 5’12”
A3) Sugar (That Sugar Baby O’Mine) – 4’20”
A4) Sweet Georgia Brown – 5’08”
A5) Jive at Five – 3’12”

Side B

B1) When You Are Smiling – 3’54”
B2) Early Morning Blues – 4’03”
B3) Wolverine Blues – 4’43”
B4) That’s a Plenty – 5’16”
B5) Tin Roof Blues – 5’01”

Freeman, Manusardi, Patruno, Ratti, Pillot
Freeman, Alberti, Acocella, Longhi, Bagnoli, Barzago, Patruno, Ratti, Pillot
Freeman, Tolomei, Alberti, Acocella, Longhi, Tomelleri, Bagnoli, Barzago, Patruno, Ratti, Pillot
Freeman, Tolomei, Alberti, Acocella, Longhi, Tomelleri, Bagnoli, Manusardi, Patruno, Ratti, Pillot
Manone, Acocella, Longhi, Tomelleri, Bagnoli, Barzago, Patruno, Cinti, Remi

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  1. Regretable!
    This record will continue to rest unknown to the great Jazz fans who admire this great performer, Bud Freeman.
    Another equivocations of these guys.