venerdì 18 dicembre 2009

An italian story

Today I received this e-mail from Ms. Adriana Branchini, head of the Contracts & Royalties of CAROSELLO label:

The records belong to the Jazz from Italy series, and reproduced on your websites, are owned by CAROSELLO, and they are for the duration of copyright protection, now stands at 50 years from the date of registration. These recordings, remastered, are now available, for a fee, through iTunes, and some are re-proposed on vinyl, as you noted;
the titles available in vinyl
(only two LP's have been reissued to date, obviously not published in this blog NdA), however, are destined to increase (when? N.d.A.), and we plan to reprint in CD, probably ( probably ? N.d.A.), the complete series.

I note also that the marks JAZZ FROM ITALY and CAROSELLO are trademarks owned, and you don't have right to use them in the sites or in e-mail addresses (Jazz from Italy means Jazz dall'Italia in English, is not a brand... N.d.A.) I would therefore inhibit immediate download from this site of our records, and also to break off the use of our trademarks, specifying that you do not act in the name of these brands, but independently.

Is obvious that I remove the share from the blog, this the law says - or almost - , and I can't do anything else (although I'm not sure that we can listen to these recordings in a short time), but it's curious to note how the owners of "so called" rights, leave the tapes of these recordings locked, for nearly three decades, in a dark drawer, and then, one day, they realize that someone uses them for cultural purposes and not for commercial use, causing also a considerable interest and, surprise, here is awakening in them the spirit of the defenders of art and artists.

An italian story...

giovedì 17 dicembre 2009

CAROSELLO Jazz from Italy


The Jazz from Italy series is a subsidiary of CAROSELLO RECORDS, one of the historical labels of italian music, founded on 1974 under the artistic direction of Lino Patruno and Giancarlo Pillot.
In this preview post, you are the story and the specifications of this label.

At this link, you are the complete discographie list of CAROSELLO Jazz from Italy.

domenica 13 dicembre 2009

Teddy Wilson Trio - Live at Santa Tecla - CLE 21032

Perhaps, I should remind you how he started with Benny Carter, then with Louis Armstrong, Mezz Mezzrow, Benny Goodman and Red Norvo, to talk about Teddy Wilson, or enough to tell of his famous collaboration with Lady Day?
Needless to mention his nearly two hundred recordings made before the 1945, including those for the Brunswick, to put him, at full merit, among the masters of swing?

I think just listening to this LP.

Sharing removed by the author for inhibition of
the office of Contracts & Royalties CAROUSEL C.E.M.E.D. S.r.l.


Catalog#: CLE 21032
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Milan, 9 April, 1976

Teddy Wilson (p), Lino Patruno (bass), Carlo Sola (drums)


Side A

A1) After You've Gone - 3'55"
A2) Ellington Medley - 4'30"
a) Sophisticated Lady
b) Don't Get Around Much Anymore
A3) Flying Home - 5'05"
A4) Gershwin Medley from "Porgy and Bess" - 4'30"
a) It Ain't Necessarily So
b) Bess, You Is My Woman Now
c) Summertime

Side B

B1) Stompin' At The Savoy - 4'50"
B2) Ellington Medley - 5'32"
a) Prelude To A Kiss
b) Take The "A" Train
B3) I Can't Get Started - 3'50"
B4) One O' Clock Jump - 5'47"

sabato 5 dicembre 2009

Jimmy McPartland, Dick Cary, Lino Patruno & the Milan College Jazz Society - CLE 21029

Sharing removed by the author for inhibition of the
office of Contracts & Royalties CAROUSEL C.E.M.E.D. S.r.l.


Catalog#: CLE 21029
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Milan, 18 October, 1975

Jimmy McPartland (cornet in #A1, A2, A3 / B1, B3, B4; vocal in #A1 / B1, B4), Dick Cary (alto horn, F tp in #B4, piano in #A1), Lino Patruno (g), Giorgio Alberti (tp in #A2, A3, A4 / B3, B5; flgh in #B2), Gianni Acocella (trne), Bruno Longhi (cl, soprano sax in #A3), Carlo Bagnoli (bar sax, soprano sax in #A3), Paolo Tomelleri (tenor sax), Renato Barzago (p), Marco Ratti (bass), Ettore Remi (drums)


Side A

A1) Davenport Blues - 3'42"
A2) Original Dixieland One Step - 4'30"
A3) Singin' The Blues - 3'38"
A4) Riverboat Shuffle - 5'20"

Side B

B1) Caprice In Milan For Giuseppe (Joe) Venuti - 4'05"
B2) New Orleans - 2'40"
B3) Nobody Sweethearts - 2'57"
B4) I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby ! - 3'59"
B5) Beale Street Blues - 3'30"