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Guido Manusardi - Blue & New Things - CLE 21018

This first LP, recorded in 1975 by Guido Manusardi in piano solo, documents the great matrix of this jazz piano player and the particular choices of inspiration sources.

Despite that, for the incoherence that characterizes my country, Manusardi went on major international stages, where he received unanimous consent, before he could show his immense value and, at the same time, the limits of the public and the critics of Italian jazz.

Today, something has changed?


Born on December 3, 1935 in Chiavenna.
In his very early days Guido moves to Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Denmark and, finally, ends up in Sweden where he lives for 5 years. It is in Stockholm that Guido meets the great Red Mitchell, with whom he will establish a deep friendship and musical collaboration.

In 1967 Guido moves to Bucharest and finally comes back to Italy after 7 years. His live album "Live recorded at the Lubiana Jazz Festival", wins the annual Italian "Premio della Critica Discografica". In 1977 his solo album 'Delirium' wins once again the same prize and Guido is recognized "Musician of the Year' and in October of the same year he is invited with his quartet al the Jamboree Jazz Festival In Varsavia.In July 1978 he his invited at the Montreux Jazz Festival: Guido is the first Italian Jazzman who participates at the festival.

Guido has performed and recorded with many jazz artists: Roy Eldridge, Bobby Hackett, Art Farmer, Don Byas, Dexter Gordon, Al Heath, Slide Hampton, Johnny Griffin, Red Mitchell, Lee Konitz, Jimmy Cobb, Jerry Bergonzi, Victor Lewis, Billy Higgins, Cecil Payne, Shelly Manne, Booker Ervin, Joe Venuti, Curtis Fuller, Kay Winding, Jimmy Owens, Lou Donaldson, Joe Morello, Art Taylor, Hal Singer, Sture Nordin, Bjorne Alke, Lennart Aborg, Petur Ostlund Island, Zbigniew Namyslowsky, Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen.

In July 2000 Guido was invited, from the Art Director of MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), in Los Angeles to have a performance at the Museum with Billy Higgins and Trevor Ware and during his permanence in L.A. he played with Billy even at World Stage - Hot Spot and here he recorded a CD - Live at the Hot Spot.

Guido Manusardi is one of the few Italians lo be included by Leonard Feather in his "Jazz Encyclopedia".

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Bleu & New Things
Catalog#: CLE 21018
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Milan: 1975, May and June

Guido Manusardi (p)


Side A

A1) Song of the Cymbals – 4’22”
A2) Song for Valy – 3’19”
A3) Like Monk – 3’10”
A4) God Bless the Child – 5’07”
A5) About Something – 4’13”

Side B

B1) Capite de Fîn – 3’50”
B2) Prelude to a Kiss – 4’13”
B3) Joegi – 3’00”
B4) ‘Round About Midnight – 4’08”
B5) Country Dance – 5’00”

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