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Giorgio Azzolini - The Scicluna Street - CLE 21020

Giorgio Azzolini is known to have been part of the historic Basso & Valdambrini Quintet, who have brought the validity of the Italian jazz in the world.
Actually, you could "simply" define the bassist of all modern Italian jazz, for his constant presence and unusual musical vitality.
Giorgio Azzolini has gone through, in different configurations, from trio to big band, the whole history of jazz played in this country.

Between the historical musicians, he is one of the ones that best will be renewed, and has participated to grow Italian jazz, and carry him, finally, away from the emulation of American jazz.

Among his most important recordings I like to remember, apart this, "Tribute to Someone," with Franco Ambrosetti, Gato Barbieri and Dino Piana among others, "Crucial Moment" with Enrico Rava and Franco D'Andrea and "Giorgio Azzolini Big Band", recorded in 1971 for the DIRE Records.

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The Scicluna Street

Catalog#: CLE 21020
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at "Studio 7",
Milan on 1976

Giorgio Azzolini (bass),
Giancarlo Barigozzi (ten sax, soprano sax), Sergio Fanni (flgh),
Tullio De Piscopo (drums, perc), Sante Palumbo (p., el. p),
Franco D'Andrea (p on #A1, B1), Giancarlo Pillot (drums on #A2)


Side A

A1) The Scicluna Street - 5'15"
A2) Colori - 5'50"
A3) Bankok - 5'46"

Side B

B1) Spanish Portrait - 8'33"
B2) Blues Deflection - 10'15"

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