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Eraldo Volonté Quartet - SAFARI - CLE 21021

Should be unnecessary to mention Eraldo Volonté, given its continued and constant presence on the development of Italian jazz, but unfortunately it's not so, since he is still "unknown" to most of you.

Eraldo Volonté is a veteran of italian jazz: he is one of those characters that are always seen wherever there is good jazz to play or listen to.
With a difference from many pioneers, however, Volonté has never lost even a shred of his enthusiasm, even if he has been playing professionally for more than a quarter of a century and like almost all of is colleagues, in Italy, has had to adapt and be part of an infinite number of bands playing all types of music.
His enthusiasm has kept him young, alive, very alert towards all that happens around him, and it has allowed him to continuously perfect himself, and to refresh his own stile : so much so that today this Milanese saxophone player can easily boast to still be one of the top musicians - that is one of the most modern, and most up to date - of italian jazz.

Among his important records, milestones in the maturity of the Italian jazz, I like to remember, in addition to this "My Point of View" (1963) with Renato Sellani, Giorgio Azzolini e Lionello Bionda, "Jazz [now] in Italy" (1966) with Dino Piana, Franco D'Andrea, Giovanni Tommaso and Franco Tonani and the best "Free and Loose" (1968) with Oscar Valdambrini, still Piana and Azzolini, and Franco Manzecchi.

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Catalog#: CLE 21021
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Recorded at Cap Studio, Milan on 1975

Eraldo Volonté (ten sax, soprano sax)
Guido Manusardi (p., p. fender), Dodo Goya (bass on # A1/A2/B1),
Stefano Cerri (el. bass on #B1/B2), Giancarlo Pillot (drums),
Roberto Haliffi (perc), Mara Moris (voice on #A2).
Sax was overlapped five times by E. Volonté on #A2)


Side A

A1) Shout - 14'52"
A2) Safari (dedicated to Duke Ellington) - 5'25"

Side B

B1) African Fever - 12'32"
B2) Spontaneus - 9'20"

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