giovedì 26 novembre 2009

Mario Rusca Quartet - Suspension - CLE 21024 and three more...

In this post I published four volumes of CAROSELLO label, although for only one I can let you listen to music.

Let me explain:
the record of Mario Rusca, which gives the title to this post, and the next volume, the CLE 21025, Latineuro, release at name of Angel Pocho Gatti, are not in my collection, but at least they are in my wishlist.
The two subsequent volumes, the CLE 21026 and 21027, however, are a "mystery".
Also among the most "aggressive" Italian collectors, such as Lorenzo of Amarcord Records, these two chapters are missing, two pages torn out of the discography, two blacks holes of this Italian label.

I, among my various contacts, I've become aware of a single title of this, thanks to Felix, a Brazilian collector, who also sent me the cover.
According to Felix, in fact, the CLE 21027 is Zimbo, by ZIMBO TRIO, an album of latin jazz from Brasil, licensed by RGE/FERMATA and printed in Italy, on 1976, by CAROSELLO.
The CLE 21026 is, as yet, an unknown record, at least for me.

If any of you could confirm these data, or had some other news, he must know that would help a poor addicted collector of jazz.

However, you are quiet, that even if I don't have any of the four LPs, the Web is still a fat cow, for those who can cook, and I'll not leave you too long without good stuff ...

so thanks to ish, which gives us the delicious music of Mario Rusca directly from is amazing blog Ile Oxumaré

at the next...

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  1. Penso che, anche se ha una copertina diversa, siete alla ricerca di essa

  2. Mi padre era saxofonista en Buenos Aires. Angel Pocho Gatti era el pianista de su orquesta, la "Luissiana Jazz". Tengo una foto en donde se lo ve a Poccho Gatti, muy joven, frente al piano.